Lilli Lingerie - First & ONLY quality lingerie Boutique in Brunei believes that each woman is unique. Many women do not know their actual bra size. However it only takes two simple measurements, under the bust and the fullest points of the bust, to find the size they should buy to feel comfortable.
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Within a year of being on the first floor, Lilli Lingerie expanded her operation and moved to Unit 3, Ground Floor, Block A, Q-Lap Kompleks. With the bigger space and wider choice of products, Lilli Lingerie hopes to sevice all her clients in comfort and luxury so that clients can feel at home with the new atmosphere and treat themselves to beautiful lingerie anytime.

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Bra Fitting
Perfect bra, Perfect body

Getting the fit right is essential for comfy support; a well fitting bra improves your posture and figure in an instant.

  • How to get a perfect bra fit
  • How to put on a bra
  • How to correct fit look
Professional Bra Fitting services

First & ONLY quality lingerie Boutique in Brunei we pride ourselves to have professional Bra Fitting services. We want you to know the perfect size and experience every time you shop with us.

Lilli Lingerie
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First & ONLY quality lingerie Boutique in Brunei, trained staff will advise our clients on their correct bra size. To be really beautiful, a woman needs to feel good, at ease and be gently supported without any constrictions.

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“Our aim is to help every woman in Brunei and beyond to be fitted into the correct bra. Because with the correctly fitted bra, the woman would stand looking taller, slimmer, younger, and with more confidence.
It is our AIM to help you too!”

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“Dear Lily… I love the bra you suggested to me! A perfect match!”

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